Hello I'm Ashley. I'm a California girl. I like tye dye, daisies, sunshine and happiness. I love fashion. You can almost always find me on the beach. My favorite things to do are cheer, gymnastics, and swim.


Favorite Things

Blogging, fashion, Starbucks, cats, music, the beach, mascara, late night adventures, summer, shopping, painting my nails, Pretty Little Liars, swimming, gymnastics, and competitive cheerleading.

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Disclaimer: I post all of my photos originally. I do not own any of the photos unless I say so.


Hello darlings. This is my FAQ. Please read before asking any questions. To read the full FAQ please go to my question blog.

Q: Name, and location?
A: My name is Ashley and I live in the bay area of the most amazing state, California.

Q: Are you tumblr famous?
A: I don’t like to stereotype people because of their amount of followers. I love each and every one of my followers. 

Q: On your main blog you say your name is Kaitlyn, and on here your name is Ashley?
A: Kaitlyn is my first name and Ashley is my middle name. It was going to be the other way around, but my parents changed it. I like Ashley better and it fits me more.

Q: Do you follow back/ Why aren’t you following me?
A: I used to follow everyone back, but my dashboard was getting very hectic as I was gaining followers. I now only follow fashion blogs.

Q: How many followers do you have?
A: Way more than I ever dreamed of.

Q: Do you do promos/Can you promo me?
A: I like to keep my blog pictures, and not a blog of promos. I will occasionally though.

Q: Can you please vote for me for blog of the week? Or any other promoting thing.
A: If I follow you or like your blog then yes I will vote for you! Any other thing such as telling my followers to vote for you I cannot do. 

Q: You have another blog?
A: Yes, my blog of text posts and TV shows, and my hipster blog. Main blog is on the links section. Ask for the hipster blog.

Q: How did you get “Insert thing here”?
A: It’s all html, sorry.

Q: You don’t reblog?
A: No, I never reblog. I post all of my pictures originally.  

Q: How good are you with html? Teach me some!
A: I would say pretty good I guess. I just can’t teach because it takes a long time. Learn it like everyone else. c:

Thanks for reading my FAQ. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!  Keep being fabulous! 
xoxo Ashley 

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